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Swaziland Library Association, P.O. Box 2309, Mbabane, H100, Swaziland


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The Swaziland Library Association (SWALA) was formed on April 28, 1984. The aims and objectives of the Association are:

To promote the establishment and development of library and information services

To unite all persons engaged or interested in library and other information work, by holding conferences, meetings, seminars, and workshops for the discussion of matters affecting libraries and other information centres

To promote whatever may tend to the improvement of the position and qualifications of Librarians and other information personnel

To safeguard and promote the professional interests of Librarians and other information personnel

To monitor any legislation affecting libraries and other information centres and to assist in the promotion of such legislation as may be considered necessary for the regulation and management or extension of libraries and other information centres

To promote and encourage bibliographical study and research and library co-operation through networking.

To collect and publish information to its members, for the promotion of the aims and objectives of the Association.

To collect and publish information to its membership.


Strategic guidance, management and leadership of the Association is vested in an Executive Committee, which is elected by the general membership during an Annual General Meeting (AGM), and is headed by the Chairperson. The Executive Committee's term of office is two years and a progress report is presented every year in June during the AGM.

The Executive Committee carries out its work through Sub-Committees. These are; Editorial, Fundraising, Information and Communication Technology, Legislative, and Membership Empowerment Sub-Committees. Members of these Sub-Committees are elected by the Executive Committee. The Chairpersons of these committees are members of the Executive Committee.


The Association has four membership categories, namely; individual, institutional, corresponding, and honorary. Membership subscriptions are determined by the Association's membership and subject to annual renewal. The current rate for individual membership is E 100.00 and E 500.00 for institutional membership. Currently SWALA has more than eighty individual members and twenty plus institutional members.



The Association has a publications programme that covers issues of interest to the profession. Among some of its publications are the SWALA Newsletter and the SWALA Journal. The publications are freely available to paid up members.


In addition to the Annual General Meetings, the Association organises workshops, courses, conferences and seminars on issues of interest to its members. From time to time, members are either nominated or sponsored to represent the Association and/or participate at international conferences to enable the profession to keep abreast with topical issues in the library and information services.


SWALA is committed to high standards of service and to promoting a strong sense of professional identity among its members. In this connection, members are encouraged to participate in study tours, production, purchase and sale of SWALA regalia at affordable prices and terms, and other fundraising events.


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